“The Knock”

It seems to me from looking around the community that every vanlifer has had the experience of “the knock”, and now, we are no exception.

We spent a beautiful night in a free campsite near Hovey Lake in the Hiawatha National Forest, where we hiked with the pup and sat around our campfire.

The next day, we got an early start and headed to a beach on Lake Superior in Marquette, MI. We’ve been relying pretty heavily on camping apps, such as iOverlander and Campendium, which give you information on campsites all over the country. We saw that this beach was a perfect place to stay, with the “unguarded” portion of the beach being dog-friendly, picnic tables, and restrooms on site. I’m a beach person at heart, so I had an amazing day curling up with a book (thanks dad for the recommendation!), and playing with Nala in the sand. We cooked burgers and hot dogs around the picnic tables and called it a night shortly after.

Promptly at 7:30am, we were startled and woken up by a “BOOM BOOM BOOM” on the window of the van. This was our first “knock”. In a daze, I stepped out of the van to speak to a police officer, who kindly informed me that we could not, in fact, camp in this area. It seemed to me he was relieved that we simply didn’t know any better and wouldn’t cause trouble, and thankfully, he congratulated us on our honeymoon and told us to find somewhere else to stay the next night. Even though he told us it would be a beautiful beach day, we packed up pretty quickly and headed to our next spot, feeling like we overstayed our welcome. Moral of the story, do your own research when you find a spot that you’re not sure of! I’m positive this won’t be our last knock, but hopefully we can avoid it by being prepared in the future! Thanks for reading 🙂

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