Better safe than sorry

It feels like it’s been a while since our last post, and a lot has happened! Since we left the Upper Peninsula, we’ve traveled south down along Lake Michigan. We have stopped in a few places and have just landed at a spot in the Manistee National Forest along the Manistee River.

Along the way, one of our more eventful stops was a campsite we didn’t even call home for one night. A little outside of the Hiawatha National Forest we found a place called Boney Falls that had free camping and we stopped to set up. As we were getting our campsite set up and making dinner, we noticed that a few cars drove into the campgrounds, but nobody stayed. We were the only ones camping there, so this felt odd. As we cooked dinner both of us could hear the faint sound of an engine trying to start in the distance (I should also mention that we lost cell phone service about 30 minutes away from the campsite). Meanwhile, Nala refused to get out of the van. We took a few short walks to gather firewood, but then she hopped right back in and stared intently at us, making us feel uneasy. As the sun began to go down, the feeling of uneasiness became more intense and I could tell that the dog was feeling more uncomfortable. We could still hear the engine sputtering in the distance, and the darker it got, the more I began to feel that it sounded much more like a chainsaw than anything else, especially since we had just walked past a sign riddled with bullet holes.

Even though we were trying to stay busy, we caught each other’s eye and each knew immediately it was time to go. Trusting Nala’s instincts (and our own), we put away all of our things as fast as we could and hauled out of there while we still had a few minutes of daylight left. The first five minutes of our drive away from Boney Falls was dead silent as we tried to shake off the feeling that something sinister might have been about to happen to us. The farther away we got, the lighter I began to feel, and we tried to laugh off what had just happened.

Now, I have no idea if we were just being paranoid, but I have absolutely no regrets about leaving that place – always trust your gut! Better safe than sorry 👍🏼

Stay tuned – we’ve had much happier adventures since then! Thanks for reading 🙂

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