A crazy day

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Since leaving Michigan, we’ve headed East and have spent some time in upstate New York, Vermont, and Maine. Yesterday we decided to check out New Hampshire and head into the White Mountain National Forest to camp. On our way into the forest, we blew a tire (the first, and hopefully the last). It wasn’t flat, but most of the tread came off and was hitting the underneath of the van until we stopped, which made it sound like something much worse had happened.

Super scary, but definitely could have been worse – we were on a paved road, and I am SO grateful we still had cell phone service so we could call AAA. The first tire place we called said they couldn’t get a new tire for us today, but they could tell us if they had a used one that would fit once everyone in the shop came back from lunch in an hour.

Fortunately, our tow truck driver called his shop and they happened to have exactly what we needed, and had us on our way in less than 30 minutes.

From there, we drove out to the campsite, grateful to be back out in the woods. Our troubles weren’t quite over though – the second we stepped out of the van, we were SWARMED with mosquitoes, so bad that our bug spray didn’t even make a dent. Covered in bites and bugs, we begrudgingly hopped back in the van and decided to move on.

Driving down the bumpy road back down the mountain, all of a sudden we hear a BANG from the back, and fear the worst. First it sounded like we blew another tire, but the van was driving fine; my next thought was that a propane tank blew (but no fire, thank God).

It turns out that a half-empty wine bottle had blown its cork and wine was dripping everywhere. We immediately hopped out and started mopping up what we could, but the van still smells a little like wine. I guess that’s what we get for buying cheap!

Feeling drained by the day, and trying to stay positive, we retreated to a safe parking lot close by to sleep for the night and give it another try in the morning. We were due for some good Karma, and we absolutely got it during our hike today.

We found a perfect spot to hike and hang out for the day at Mount Morgan in New Hampshire, and laughed off our series of unfortunate events from the day before. Sometimes when it rains it pours, but while on an adventure, it doesn’t make sense to sweat the small stuff. Laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for reading!

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