Westward Bound

It’s official – we’re back on the road! After a busy and emotional time at home, we’ve set our destination as “west”, and we’re making more progress every day. We left Sunday evening and couldn’t help but reminisce on how far we’ve come since the last time we left home.

The first time we drove away from Maryland, we were full of stress, busyness, uncertainty (etc., etc.). This time, it felt like a breath of fresh air. If you’ve been following our journey, you already know that we lost a best friend not very long ago. Being home, we felt reminded of him every day – we grew up here, our family (related and not) is here, and he is everywhere.

As we drove away, both of us cried. In remembrance, and also because now our trip will be void of our visit to him in California. We’re still going there, but now it will be to spend time where Robbie spent his last months, and hopefully to find some closure and peace.

Driving away this time, while we already miss family and friends, I think will help us to heal and to take time to pull ourselves back together.

For now, we just finished driving straight to Denver from Howard County. We hopped on Route 70 West, and drove until we hit the mountains. The first night, we stopped at a Flying J truck stop in Pennsylvania after driving for a few hours. Like I said, this time was SO much more relaxed than the first time we hit the road. Last time, I was falling asleep as we pulled into a rest area, and this time I figured covering a few hours was enough and it was time to sleep.

Monday and Tuesday were both days packed with miles; we headed all the way to Kansas on Monday, and picked up again the next day. The Midwest region of the US is HOT in August, and if you don’t already know, our AC situation is a big struggle.

We woke up in Kansas on Tuesday, and still had about 10 hours left in our journey to Denver (did you know that Kansas is enormous?!). We arrived in Denver late Tuesday evening and parked at a Walmart where we spent the night.

Waking up here on Wednesday has been absolutely wonderful, and that true breath of fresh air we were hoping for. I got up early and went to a yoga class, we went to brunch, we took a short hike with the pup, we met up with friends, and our hearts are full.

From here, we are headed to California. Our original plan was to spend a few weeks in Colorado, but we feel called to Cali at the moment. We have plenty of people to see here, so we’ll head back this way in a few weeks!

In the meantime, we’ve made a ton of upgrades to our van – stay tuned, I’ll post them all soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

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