Young Living Essential Oils

If you know Dan and I, you know how hard we try to care for our planet. One of the ways we’ve been working to do that is by transitioning away from using products that contain harmful chemicals. Not only does this help the Earth by not allowing toxins into the ground and into our water system, it also helps us stay healthy and safe by not absorbing unnatural ingredients through our skin.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? Many things that you touch or put on your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream, meaning that you may be ingesting lotions, cleaning supplies, and soaps that you use every day. As I’m learning more, I’m caring more for my body – I’m also caring more for our planet by being mindful of the impact of everything I use on a daily basis.

Although this is a gradual transition, we’re working to switch all of our products to Young Living. Not only do these products give us what we’re looking for in terms of sustainability, this also provides us with a potential source of income while we’re on the road.

All of Young Living’s products are organically sourced, environmentally friendly, and created without animal testing. Being on the road, this means that we can feel good about leaving a very small footprint everywhere we go.

Young Living is also a great opportunity for us, because if we spread the word about the products we use, we get commission on any starter kits and monthly orders that are placed under our account and make some money while we’re on the road! The most amazing piece of this is that I was also placed on this path by a friend, and have a wonderful community of support I can tap into for encouragement, recipes, and anything else I might need!

I’ll definitely admit that I was skeptical when I got my first order – is this stuff for real or does it just smell great?? I was honestly shocked when I used oils that instantly calmed my mood, or completely alleviated my upset stomach within minutes. There really is an oil for everything. I’m just getting started and have so much to learn, but I’m fascinated by using plants to heal.

This book is a great resource that was recommended to me to check out what oils are best for what you’re looking for.

In addition to oils, Young Living provides cleaning supplies, which are perfect for the van, as well as other things we use everyday, like toothpaste and mouthwash.

The best place to start is with a premium starter kit which gives you twelve of Young Living’s most popular essential oils, along with a diffuser, Thieves cleaning line samples, and a product catalog so you can get an idea of everything that YL has to offer.

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