Why Young Living?

There is a TON of information out there on health and wellness, products, what to do, what not to do, etc., so how do you really know what you’re looking for?

What I have found is that it’s best to choose what resonates the most with you and your lifestyle.

For me, I had been into essential oils for a while, and had also been playing around with making my own products that didn’t use harmful ingredients. From there, it made sense to me to switch to a brand that not only has organic oils, but also creates safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies and body products. It turns out that the oils I was using before weren’t high quality anyways – they had a very short shelf life, and quality oils shouldn’t expire. Another helpful hint: if the oils you’re using freeze when placed in the freezer, they contain fillers or other substances besides just the oil you want!

Aside from the products that I was already hooked on, Young Living offers an opportunity to earn commissions if you choose to jump into the business side of things (definitely not a requirement). This was a big draw for me because we are traveling, which means that any extra money coming in means we can do more wherever we are! So far, my monthly checks have been between $100 and $200, and I honestly haven’t been putting an intense amount of effort into promoting the products yet. Hopefully I look back on this post in a few months and have up-leveled big time!

Another big perk is free stuff. Like most “free stuff”, you have to spend money to earn it, but if you’re already purchasing products and get a few extra oils each month you didn’t pay for, that’s a huge bonus! I look at it this way: I’m already spending money each month on things like toothpaste, cleaning products, etc., so when I order the things I need anyways and free stuff arrives with it, I can’t help but get excited. Most months, I earn two or three free oils, and sometimes other products such as supplements or body products. I also earn points back which I’m currently saving up for an expensive oil that I want (rose oil, here I come!).

Not only can I earn money via this company, it also comes with a super supportive community of people who are eager to share their knowledge. Before I began actually using Young Living, one of my good friends started including me in the community surrounding these products via Facebook groups, Instagram accounts to follow, and things like that. I was so excited to see how many resources are available and how supportive everyone is that I got lost in the rabbit hole of recipes and ideas right away.

If I’m not sure how to use a specific oil, or have something in mind I would like to use oils for (for example, what oil can I use for dark circles under my eyes, or what can I diffuse to make me feel energized?), I have a huge network I can tap into for answers and what has worked for others on my team.

Again, do what works for you! I’m hopeful that people in general are making a shift towards eliminating toxins from daily life and leaning towards healthy alternatives. Whether you choose Young Living, or want to make your own products, or find another company that values taking care of you and the planet, the important thing is that YOU are comfortable and are taking care of yourself.

Not sure what that looks like for you? I would love to connect. For more information on Young Living and how to try products, you can click this link . If you just want to chat about healthy living, I’m here for that too! Best of luck on your wellness journey, and thanks for taking a look!

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